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Revision: 1.1
Committed: Tue Nov 15 20:33:00 2011 UTC (11 years, 10 months ago) by rick
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: Ver_6-0, Ver_6-1, Ver_6-2, Ver_6-3, Ver_6-4, Ver_9-1, Ver_LATEST, Ver_9-3, Ver_9-41, Ver_9-2, Ver_8-8, Ver_8-2, Ver_8-3, Ver_8-0, Ver_8-1, Ver_8-6, Ver_8-7, Ver_8-4, Ver_8-5, Ver_7-1, Ver_7-0, Ver_9-5, Ver_9-4, Ver_8-10, Ver_8-11, Ver_8-12, Ver_9-0, HEAD
Log Message:
added for JSOC release 6.0

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# Content
1 Release code for time-distance analysis in the HMI pipeline
3 If this directory is part of the CVS tree, the files in this directory have
4 been mirrored from a specific version control system outside CVS and should
5 not be modified without the consent of the author, Rick Bogart. Any changes
6 introduced that are not synchronized with changes to the original control
7 files are likely to be lost.
9 More complete documentation on the modules and scripts in this project can
10 be found at
12 Table of contents last updated 11.11.14
14 Directories
15 CVS/ version control information
16 apps/ modules and programs to be compiled as run-time applications
17 scripts/ pipeline scripts
19 Other
20 ReadMe this file
21 rules required for CVS tree makefile (may not automatically
22 build apps nor link scripts in this directory)