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regrid.c 1.3 (13 years ago) by arta: Fix hash-table implementation: new hash function (the old one overflowed the unsigned int hash value). Also, fix hcontainer: got rid of all the unnecessary buffering (the buffering algorithm ran in n*n). Added supporting for sorting hcontainers - you can pass in a function to sort the elements. Finally, fix the sorting of keywords, links, and segments so that the order established by the drms_parser is the one that appears in the record table, and also save the rank of each object during parsing.
helio2mlat_j.c 1.3 (14 years ago) by arta: Fixes for remotesums not properly doing the asynchronous download. lib DRMS was blocking on, but it should not have blocked. Also, show_info wasn't properly handling the 'trylater' status code generated by remotesums. Needed to separate the record-chunk status codes from the regular drms status codes because code in show_info needed to look at both (and we don't combine status codes in drms_statuscodes.h). Fix drms_server deadlock - was due to server-side accept call blocking, even when there isn't any clients
o2helio.c 1.8 (14 years ago) by tplarson: bug fix to now close records written by CreateBlankRecord. change call to SetDistort. no longer multiply RSUN by anything, function Distort now uses scaling info provided on command line. 1.4 (14 years ago) by arta: Fix all instances in where the DEP_dollarsign(d) variable wasn't assigned correctly.
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