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Revision: 1.1
Committed: Mon Nov 17 20:44:24 2014 UTC (8 years, 10 months ago) by tplarson
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: Ver_8-8, Ver_8-11, Ver_8-10, Ver_LATEST, Ver_9-41, Ver_8-12, Ver_8-7, Ver_9-5, Ver_9-4, Ver_9-3, Ver_9-2, Ver_9-1, Ver_9-0, HEAD
Log Message:
jsd's for results of peakbagging using asymmetric line profiles

File Contents

# Content
1 #=====General Series Information=====
2 Seriesname: mdi.vw_V_sht_modes_asym_archive
3 Author: "tim larson"
4 Owner: tplarson
5 Unitsize: 100
6 Archive: 1
7 Retention: 100
8 StagingRetention: 3
9 Tapegroup: 39
10 PrimeKeys: T_START, LMIN, LMAX, NDT
12 Description: "full results from jpkbgn with asymmetric fits"
14 #=====Links=====
15 Link: HISTORY, mdi.globalhs_history, static, "processing history"
17 #=====Keywords=====
18 Keyword:T_START, time, ts_slot, record, -4712.01.01_11:59:28_TAI, "0", "TAI", "beginning of time period"
19 Keyword:T_START_step, float, constant, record, 86400.0, "%.1f", "seconds", "T_START step, =1d"
20 Keyword:T_START_unit, string, constant, record, "secs", "%s", "none", "T_START step unit"
21 Keyword:T_START_epoch, time, constant, record, 1993.01.01_00:00:00_TAI, "0", "TAI", "beginning of slot 0 (MDI epoch)"
22 Keyword:T_START_round, float, constant, record, 60.0, "%.1f", "seconds", "= T_STEP"
23 Keyword:LMIN, int, variable, record, -1, "%d", "none", "minimum spherical harmonic degree"
24 Keyword:LMAX, int, variable, record, -1, "%d", "none", "maximum spherical harmonic degree"
25 Keyword:NDT, int, variable, record, -1, "%d", "none", "number of points in timeseries"
26 Keyword:T_STOP, time, variable, record, -4712.01.01_11:59:28_TAI, "0", "TAI", "beginning of following time period"
27 Keyword:T_OBS, time, variable, record, -4712.01.01_11:59:28_TAI, "0", "TAI", "midpoint of timeseries, =(T_START+T_STOP)/2"
28 Keyword:DATE, time, variable, record, -4712.01.01_11:59:28Z, "0", "ISO", "time the record was last updated, ISO format"
29 Keyword:QUALITY, int, variable, record, 0x00000000, "0x%08x", "none", "bitfield specifying various aspects of data quality, see ???"
30 Keyword:MAPMMAX, int, constant, record, 600, "%d", "none", "maximum m for remapping dopplergrams"
31 Keyword:SINBDIVS, int, constant, record, 200, "%d", "none", "number of increments in sin latitude for remapping dopplergrams"
32 Keyword:MFLIPPED, int, constant, record, 0, "%d", "none", "sign convention for m: 0 for MDI, 1 for GONG"
33 Keyword:T_STEP, float, constant, record, 60.0, "%.1f", "seconds", "time step"
34 Keyword:TELESCOP, string, constant, record, "SOHO", "%s", "none", "source telescope for data, SOHO=Solar and Heliospheric Observatory"
35 Keyword:INSTRUME, string, constant, record, "MDI", "%s", "none", "source instrument, MDI=Michelson Doppler Imager"
36 Keyword:ORIGIN, string, constant, record, "JSOC", "%s", "none", "location of data processing, JSOC=Joint Science Operations Center, at Stanford"
37 Keyword:WAVELNTH, int, constant, record, 6768, "%d", "Angstrom", "wavelength of observation, Ni I photospheric absorption line"
38 Keyword:VERSION, string, variable, record, "unset", "%s", "none", "version of data, used for retrieving obsolete versions"
40 #=====Segments=====
41 Data: archive, variable, string, 0, "none", generic, "tar file containing the full results from all iterations"