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exportdata.html 1.56 (7 years ago) by phil: Fix prior fix to allow no {} present.
exportdatatest.html 1.5 (11 years ago) by arta: Update test export page with latest changes to exportdata.html.
lookdata.html 1.59 (8 years ago) by phil: Remove NOT DSDS from series select, no longer needed.
prototype- 1.1 (15 years ago) by arta: Remove jsoc_support.js - it is no longer used; add prototype- - this contains support for doing web access-y stuff like making http requests are receiving/parsing responses
register_email.html 1.3 (8 years ago) by arta: Move code waiting for email-registration to complete into a callback function. This function is called by email-registration onsuccess callback now. This fixes the problem where clicking on Check Params for Export appears to be unresponsive to clicks when you change the Notify field.
watch_lev0.html 1.7 (10 years ago) by phil: Removed solarmail as default notify address for external users.
whitelist.txt 1.33 (6 years ago) by arta: Add so that Yang can work with D. Hathaway.
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