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Revision: 1.2
Committed: Fri Dec 19 16:35:45 2008 UTC (14 years, 9 months ago) by kehcheng
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dcs2 (the spare) is online all the time now

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1 /home/production/cvs/JSOC/doc/dcs2_convert_to_0_or_1.txt
4 -----------------------------
5 Convert dcs2 to dcs0 or dcs1
6 -----------------------------
8 Here are the steps to enable network connection to DDS from the
9 dcs spare (dcs2).
11 1. If the system to be replaced is still alive, login and
12 run "ifdown eth3" as root.
14 2. Log in the spare (dcs2) as root and run the command
15 "ifdown eth3".
17 3. Open the front door of the NASA rack and examine the
18 three red ethernet cables. Normally the dcs0 cable
19 should be on port 12 of switch x20b, the dcs1 cable
20 should be on port 3 of switch x20a, and the dcs2
21 cable should be on port 4 of switch x20a. To fail-
22 over HMI, unplug the dcs1 cable and move the dcs2
23 cable into port 3, switch x20a. To fail-over AIA,
24 unplug the dcs0 cable and move the dcs2 cable to
25 port 12, switch x20b.
27 4. Run "/etc/sysconfig/network/XXX-up", where XXX is
28 either HMI or AIA, on dcs2.
31 To restore the original dcs2 to itself, run "ifdown eth3",
32 move its red ethernet cable back to port 4, switch x20a,
33 and run /etc/sysconfig/network/MYSELF-up.
35 To put the origina HMI or AIA machine back online, and plug
36 its red ethernet cable back in its original port (port 3,
37 switch x20a for HMI; port 12, switch x20b for AIA). If
38 the machine has not been rebooted since it went offline,
39 run "ifup eth3".