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drms/ 1.2 (13 years ago) by arta: Move export project from proj/export to base/export
jsoc.h 1.6 (15 years ago) by arta: Fix for control-c for direct-connect modules. The database connection was being broken by the signal thread without regard to what state the main thread was in. Often, the main thread could be trying to access the dbase, but the signal thread pulls the plug on the dbase in the middle of this. Now, the SIGUSR2 signal is sent fromthe signal thread to the main thread, and the latter goes quiescent before the signal thread disconnects from the dbase
cfortran.h 1.1 (15 years ago) by arta: Move JSOC/src/base to JSOC/base and JSOC/src/proj to JSOC/proj. 86 JSOC/src.
mypng.h 1.2 (15 years ago) by arta: Fix for ingest_lev0 not building. add_small_image.c was including png.h instead of mypng.h
jsoc_version.h 1.38 (13 years ago) by arta: Release version 5.9
foundation.h 1.3 (14 years ago) by kehcheng: added F_INF, F_NEG_INF, D_INF, D_NEG_INF
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