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Revision: 1.2
Committed: Tue Oct 16 22:48:15 2007 UTC (15 years, 11 months ago) by arta
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: NewTree01_cp05_JSOC, NewTree01_cp08_JSOC, Ver_4-4, Ver_4-2, Ver_4-3, Ver_4-0, Ver_4-1, NetDRMS_Ver_0-7, NetDRMS_Ver_0-8, NetDRMS_Ver_0-9, NewTree01_cp07_JSOC, NewTree01_cp06_JSOC, NewTree01_cp09_JSOC
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Move JSOC/src/base to JSOC/base and JSOC/src/proj to JSOC/proj.  86 JSOC/src.

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# Content
1 This is the top-level directory in the SDO/JSOC software tree.
3 The JSOC software tree compiles on the following architecture:
5 * linux_ia32: X86 32-bit Intel and AMD processors:
6 e.g., n00, n01, ..., n11
7 * linux_x86_64: X86 64-bit AMD and Intel processors
8 e.g., n12, n13, n14, n15
10 Note: We no longer support linux_ia64 (Intel Itanium under SGI Irix)
11 after Ver_3-5-PreRelease.
13 A new make system is in place after Ver_3-5-PreRelease. If you have a
14 cvs working directory of or before Ver_3-5-PreRelease, you'll need to
15 run 'make clean' before 'cvs update' in order to clean up the .c files
16 generated from .pgc files in base/libsum_pg.
18 ./configure only makes symbolic links for all header files in the JSOC
19 tree. The binaries, as well as .c files generated from .pgc files,
20 are placed into architecture specific target directory, e.g.,
21 _linux_ia32. Symbolic links to executables and libraries are also made
22 in bin/ and lib/.
24 The default compiler is icc with optimization and without debug. Two
25 exceptions to this rule are base/libsum_pg and base/sum, both
26 of which are fixed to compile with 'gcc -g -O0'.
28 base/sum is not part of the default targets. Uncomment the
29 following line in base/sum/ to change it.
30 #TGT_BIN := $(TGT_BIN) $(TGT_$(d))
32 Except for src/third_party/su, nothing in src/third_party is among the
33 default targets.
35 To change your default compiler to gcc, modify the following line in
36 from
38 COMPILER = icc
40 to
42 COMPILER = gcc
44 Before changing this make variable, you should run 'make clean'.
45 A mixture of icc-compiled and gcc-compiled object files will
46 probably not link and/or run properly.
48 To enable debug, modify the following line in from
50 DEBUG =
52 to
54 DEBUG = 1
56 Since there is only one Makefile for the whole JSOC tree, you must
57 always compile in this top level directory. However, you will be able
58 to make specific target, e.g., make drms_server.
60 To learn more about the new make system, please refer to
61 http://jsoc/trac/wiki/JsocMakefileBackground and
62 http://jsoc/trac/wiki/JsocMakefileAdd