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Revision: 1.1
Committed: Mon Jun 9 16:03:39 2008 UTC (15 years, 3 months ago) by arta
Branch: MAIN
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Log Message:
Release notes for the Version 4.4 JSOC release

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# Content
1 Release Notes JSOC V4.4 9Jun2008
2 ----------------------- --------
4 A release is a set of files, each having a specific version. And a release typcially
5 has a version number because over time you have newer and newer releases of the
6 same product. For example, a hypothetical 1.3 release may contain fileA#1.8,
7 fileB#1.2, fileC#2.2 and a 1.4 release may contain fileA#2.5, fileB#2.1, fileC#2.9.
8 JSOC releases are similarly versioned and contain a set of such files. JSOC release
9 code is guaranteed to compile on cluster nodes (eg., n00, n02). The resulting binaries
10 have been minimally tested. At the time of the creation of the release, the
11 release versions of each file will be the most recent. But as time passes, newer versions
12 of some files will be made, and there is no guarantee that these changes will
13 not destabilize JSOC (ie., they may cause JSOC to no longer compile or execute
14 properly).
16 There are several ways to use this release. If you wish to simply use pre-built
17 binaries, you can simply use the production binaries, which are located at
18 /home/production/cvs/JSOC. Every time a release is created, the binaries in
19 this location get updated. Only the production user can update these binaries.
20 So, you could run /home/production/cvs/JSOC/bin/linux_x86_64/show_keys, for example.
21 If instead you want to work with stable source files, then you must have a sandbox,
22 which is a local copy (in your home directory) of the files in the cvs depot.
23 You would probably want to work with a sandbox if you plan on making eventual
24 changes to the depot files. Changes you make to your sandbox files are not visible
25 to other users until you "commit" those changes back to the cvs depot. Please see
26 "If You Don't Have a Sandbox" below for more information on how to create a sandbox.
27 There is also a "working" release which resides in in /home/jsoc/cvs/JSOC. New
28 files may be placed here and existing files may be edited for common use before the
29 next official release. Each time a release gets created, the source and binaries of
30 the working release get updated. WARNING: the files you see here may not be stable
31 since by the time you see them, another user may have edited them. Only the production
32 release is guaranteed to be stable and unchanged between releases.
34 Obtaining the Release
35 ---------------------
36 To update your working directory to this release, or to check-out this release anew,
37 please visit Please keep in mind that
38 users may have modified files since the release was created, so use of the
39 scripts documented in the web page may result in a working directory whose
40 content is not identical to the release. If updating, you can supply
41 the flag "-R" to the and scripts to download the
42 latest release. This will ensure that your working directory has the exact, latest
43 release versions of the files (eg., jsoc_sync.csh -R). If checking-out,
44 you can supply the argument "-r Ver_LATEST" to the "cvs checkout" command
45 to achieve the analogous result, but for a fresh checkout. WARNING: if you use
46 the "-R" or "-r" flags, please use only or to update
47 your sources thereafter. Use of "-R" or "-r Ver_LATEST" will result in a cvs
48 "sticky flag" being set. and clear this sticky flag.
50 Additional Info
51 ---------------
52 If you are unfamiliar with the use of cvs see the file:
53 JSOC/CM/working_with_sandbox.txt.
55 There's a linux4 cvs gui at xim:/usr/bin/lincvs
56 Also on our jsoc web page:
60 Use the Apache cvs gui to see the diffs. For example, go to
62 and click on the name in the File column and then click on
63 "diffs to previous #" to see the diffs.
65 Changes since previous release (V4.3 - May 26, 2008)
66 -----------------------------------------------------
67 New Features:
69 * TS_SLOT implementation. In this incarnation of slotted keywords,
70 there is a new keyword, *_round, which determines where in slot 0 the
71 epoch resides. If *_round is X seconds, then the epoch is X/2 seconds
72 after the beginning of slot 0. The allows the user to refer to the
73 first observtion of multiple series of differing cadence by the same
74 date string.
75 * When parsing time strings within record-set queries, if no time zone
76 is specified, or if an invalid time zone is specified, the time zone
77 in the keyword->info->unit field is assumed (unit is specified in the
78 series' jsd). Also, support time strings that have the format
79 YYYY.MM.DD_<time zone>.
80 * Add code to verify that keyword format fields in the .jsd are
81 compatible with the data type of the keyword. If an incompatibility
82 is detected, a warning is printed, but the module will continue to run
83 to completion.
84 * Add drms_run script (from old jsoc source tree) to new JSOC source
85 tree (drms_run was not copied over during the migration for unknown
86 reasons).
87 * In jsoc_info, added units to series_struct keyword table.
88 * In show_info, added "-i" flag (input query?) to cause record query to be
89 printed for each record.
90 * In lookdata.html, add sections 7 and 8 for exporting data and minor fixes sections 1-6.
91 * In level0 housekeeping configuration file, changed the location to
92 which dayfiles are written to
93 /tmp21/production/lev0_60d/hk_hsb_dayfile.
94 * In level0 housekeeping configuration file, added new environment
95 variables to handle writing to HK By APID data series for AIA, HMI,
96 and SDO data series.
97 * In Housekeeping decoding code, updated SDO_to_DRMS_time function to
98 a static function and made this match Art's function in
99 hmi_time_setting.c. Removed SDO_to_DRMS_time function from
100 decode_hk_vcdu.c
101 * The FDS cron script ( now calls the orbit vector module
102 (extract_fds_statev) after downloding and ingesting the FDS data
103 files.
104 * Don't add new data to fds_orbit_vectors series if the new data are
105 equivalent to the existing data. Add code to create
106 fds_orbit_ingesthist series if it doesn't exist.
107 * In Level0 image decoding, allow compid = 128 (N,K,R=16,0,0 raw mode).
108 * In level 0 ingestion code, print out status on system() error.
109 * In write_hk_to_drms.c, added code to write to different HK by APID
110 data series for HMI,AIA, and SDO.
111 * In write_hk_to_drms.h, added defines for ranges of APIDs for HMI,AIA
112 and SDO packets.These values are used by code to determine which HK by
113 APID data series to write hk keywords to.
114 * aia.lev0.jsd: Draft of aia level 0 data series to switch to after 60 day test.
115 * hmi.lev0.jsd: Draft of jsd version to switch to after 60 day test.
116 * In df_apid_ds_list_for_egsefm, added values to tell
117 script which dayfile data series to write dayfiles
118 from egsefm.
119 * In df_apid_ds_list_for_hsb, updated values for production. Used to
120 tell script which dayfile data series to write.
121 * In df_apid_ds_list_for_moc, checked in mapping file which tells
122 ingest_dayfile script which dayfile data series to save dayfile.
123 * In df_apid_list_day_file_egsefm, list of apid to tell
124 script which to ingest into DRMS dayfile series for
125 egsefm dayfiles.
126 * In df_apid_list_day_file_moc, list of apids tells
127 script which dayfiles to load to drms dayfile data series.
128 * In,,, added
129 $ENV{'SUMSERVER'}="d02.Stanford.EDU".
130 * In Updated script to ingest xml file and dayfile
131 in data series. Currently does this for xml files from moc production
132 server.
133 * In, updated script to write to DATE value in
134 dayfile data series from string value(2008.05.29) to time value(i.e.,
135 2008.05.29_00:00:00.000_TAI)
136 * In, merge changes from and
137 into
138 * Finalize FDS download scripts - put JSOC_DBNAME and JSOC_DBUSER into
139 env var set code into top-level script, add seriesname parameter to
141 * Added, the new FDS cron script that reads a config file
142 that specifies 'development' or 'ground' or 'live'.
143 * Add jsd for sdo_ground.fds, and download config file for sdo ground moc products.
144 * Allow the fds ingest script to accept a series name parameter, and make the default sdo.fds
145 * Makefile and CVS modules file changes to accommodate new "cookbook"
146 project which contains example modules.
148 Bug Fixes
149 * Remove memory leaks in drms_names.c
150 * If a user specifies a TS_EQ keyword query that has a duration and
151 that duration is less than one slot-width, then round up to one
152 slot-width and print a warning. If the duration is not a multiple of
153 the slot-width, then print a warning saying the duration is rounded.
154 * Add libfitsrw.a to makefile rules for the meta-libraries.
155 * Fix an error in the record-set query parsing code that invalidated
156 queries that contained more than one sql query.
157 * In modules that ingests DSDS series, fixed sign error in calculation of MJD.
158 * In save_packet_to_dayfile.c, added fix in check_dfd_file() function
159 where the file descriptor was never closed with closedir() and added
160 closedir(dir_p) to load_dfd_node().
161 * In aia.lev0_60d.jsd, with new updates to short keywords, the
162 create_series failed because of - in short keyword names. Fix missing
163 comma on keyword line.
164 * Add the script path prefix to the FDS download specification file,
165 and remove the newline that gets added to the JSOC_MACHINE env
166 variable value.
168 Miscellaneous SUMS changes:
169 * dont' set pgport for datacapture machines
170 * add pgport setenv
171 * add msg "Tape %s not in T50"
172 * add msg Check tape_svc log
173 * don't set pgport for datacapture machines
174 * This has been replace by jsoc_sum db
175 * define SUMSERVER on d02 for everybody
176 * add getmsgimmed() for SUM_close() to clean up fd
177 * remove OFFSITEHOST
178 * add NC_PaRequest_AP_60d()
179 * dont' scp md5 file to other machine. will be on local dcs machine only.
180 * limit 2000
181 * new limit and no order by group_id
182 * initial
183 * take out pgport stuff. now set in sum_svc.c
184 * add CLOSED != -2 for unassigned tape too
185 * add != -2 to exclude cleaning tapes
186 * change ds list window size
188 Miscellaneous Data Capture changes:
189 * update processing of .parc file
190 * add -f to mv
192 * retry on .qac failure too
193 * remove file afte success on retry
194 * more msgs on retry
195 * add retry and output stdout and stderr to file
196 * use /usr/bin/scp
197 * don't copy .qac file if scp of .tlm file fails
198 * add printout at end of file
199 * fix vcdu count
200 * update for summary only
202 Miscellaneous Level 0 changes:
203 * add test0
204 * use sigalrmflg and execute code in main loop and not signal handler
205 * In level 0 ingestion code, update series names.
206 * In level 0 ingestion code, fix set_HMI_mech_values() call.
207 * In level 0 ingestion code, different ds for hmi and aia and make fsn 30 bits.