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 ../ 1.4 (12 years ago) by arta: Fix for accidentally missing the Stanford proj-configuration configure script during the recent make/configuration changes (that allow the inclusion of specified project directories into the NetDRMS checkout) 1.12 (12 years ago) by arta: Source configure and make changes that allow users to checkout NetDRMS plus specified proj directories. 1.10 (12 years ago) by arta: Localize the SUMS tape-system code. Remote sites will not use it. The SUMS_TAPE_AVAILABLE config.local parameter controls whether or not a tape-system is present. 1.1 (13 years ago) by arta: Move machine-type-guessing code from (which implies that youd have to run configure everytime you want to build on a new machine) to a script,, which is then called directly for make. This is used to get the default third-party-lib locations
gen_init.csh 1.26 (11 years ago) by arta: Reorganize the way localization.h is created so that we can set defines that are not configurable.
getuid.c 1.1 (14 years ago) by rick: new function to get sums mgr uid for localization.h file
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