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doxygen/ 1.3 (12 years ago) by arta: Add support for localization of DRMSPGPORT and SUMPGPORT in full JSOC builds. 1.67 (12 years ago) by arta: export all symbols from libdrms modules to 1.26 (12 years ago) by arta: Move the export code from JSOC/base/drms to JSOC/base/export. This is in preparation for a bug fix involving the DATE fits keyword - there is a trailing 'Z' in the ISO time string that needs to be removed. 1.10 (13 years ago) by arta: Various random changes to make code build on icc/gcc/ia32/x86_64 1.6 (13 years ago) by arta: Fix typo
configure 1.58 (13 years ago) by arta: Dont try to use config.local if it isnt present
Makefile 1.4 (13 years ago) by arta: NetDRMS user can now build proj dirs that come from the full JSOC build; the user must modify the config.local file to list the dirs that should be built
suflag.txt 1.3 (13 years ago) by arta: Moved the interpolate library from base to proj - added the fresize code too. 1.4 (13 years ago) by arta: Add support for Fortran files with .f90 extension. 1.9 (13 years ago) by arta: Hopefully fix that problem for removing spurious cvs checkout: move away <file>; it is in the way warnings 1.1 (13 years ago) by arta: Move machine-type-guessing code from (which implies that youd have to run configure everytime you want to build on a new machine) to a script,, which is then called directly for make. This is used to get the default third-party-lib locations
config.local.sutemplate 1.2 (13 years ago) by arta: Add support for ia64 machines, and specific machines (j1, d02, database servers, cluster machines, dcs) to the make/build 1.7 (14 years ago) by arta: Reorganize and fix doxygen tags in our modules
README 1.3 (15 years ago) by jps: Fixed some URL bugs and made compliling friendlier to the copy and paste brigade. 1.4 (15 years ago) by arta: Fix script path name
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